Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Finally got a W!

It took awhile but I finally got a win this year. Lucky for me Kym was in North Carolina looking for an apartment...

Last weekend was Clemson. It was hot! This year they switched the course to the other side of the lake so they could do an Xterra race the day before. I was disappointed because I love that old course so I was skeptical. However, this course was not too bad. I would have enjoyed it more if it was broken in more-I think the course was cut 6 weeks ago. But, it was still a lot of fun.  It had a bunch of everything. Lots of climbing (fire roads with no shade), tight new trail, and some fast down hill.

The race started out well. I was second in the trail and then it opened up to a fire road really quick. Tiffany and I rode away on the fire road climb. I thought we would ride most of the lap together but I was climbing well and got some time between us. I was able to do okay in the tight new sections, I needed someone in front of me to keep the pace up.  I ended up staying away for the second lap and finally got my win! It's a good way to start my vacation! I am heading up to New York for a week with my sister Susie. I'm excited!

Reid did awesome this weekend too. He got fourth in his race which is a hard category...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flat Rock

After two weeks off from racing, Reid and I made the journey to Columbus Georgia. I skipped BUMP this year and kept Reid company on his first all day Saturday Bar review class. Don't worry I still had awesome rides for that weekend... the weekend group rides are always a good time in Athens. Except they are at 8 AM and it takes me two hours to wake up, but you are home by noon.

Last Thursday I got to skip work and go help out at a kid's mountain bike camp in Oconee County. Fun times! Nothing like hanging out with awesome kids who like to mountain bike. In addition, I got lots of skill practice for the berms at Flat rock.

So...I coerced Reid into coming with me to race Flat Rock and I'm glad I did. He had a great race and got on the podium. My race went well and I felt good. I am feeling better than I did last year at this time- I had crashed bad on the road last year and my back was getting worse.

Unfortunately, we did not pre ride this race, but we never do. It is a race that should be pre road because there are so many turns and it is easy to get lost. I get lost every year... Luckily, I was able to hang on to Kym's wheel for most of the first lap- so I didn't miss any turns- but once we got into the tight single speed I lost her quickly. She has such good handling skills.  I managed to hang on to a couple of guys which kept her close until the last lap.  I need to work on my last lap. Anyways I had a great race and a great time hanging out with friends!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hot Jackson

Yesterday Kym, Emily and I (and Reid) raced in Jackson Georgia. It was a great time. Fun company, fun trails and fun race!

The race started out fast. I got the whole shot, but Kym and Heather came around me quick. They were flying through the technical bumpy, twisty trail. The three of us road the first lap together and it was a lot of fun! At one point I crashed (not bad) but lost time and had to quickly get back on. I thought I would lose them but since the trail was so technical at that time, no one was moving too fast. Close to the end of the first lap I was feeling good, since Kym and Heather had been pulling the whole time. I attacked up the last hill and Kym dropped off. I knew she would be back...

At the start of the second lap I got an awesome feed by Mark and was able to keep going. Heather had to stop and dig for her bottles. I was alone but I could hear her coming... but then I heard a crash. I had a good feeling it was her. But she's tough and managed to pull off a good race. So, I road the most of the second lap by myself (definitely not as much fun as the first) until we came to "huff and puff". I was almost to the end of the "huff and puff" when I hear a female huffing and puffing behind me.  Sure enough it was Kym and she was on a mission. She came flying by me and I grabbed her wheel for a fast finish. It was a close finish but she held me off.  I was sad to not win but it was a fun race and I am happy to get second to Kym!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Third weekend in a row of racing! I am wrecked, and ready for a weekend off. Tanasi was fun and always a great venue. You can't go wrong with a weekend of camping, swimming in the Ocoee and bike racing!

Tanasi is a climbing course, you go up hill and then you go down. Unfortunately for me I didn't bring my climbing legs. I forgot them at home.  So the race started out hard, I was third in the woods behind Kym and Paula and felt good. Then I didn't feel good, soon the whole field passed me and I was dead last. I talked myself into going hard again and slowly caught people. Eventually I was back in fourth. No for long though. I had to do another lap and I was climbing slow. Fifth place caught me and passed me. Thank goodness for Thunderrock express and my awesome Superfly. I was able to catch her and I won the sprint for fourth place.  Not a great race for my legs but tons of fun!

Of course my teammates did awesome Kym won, Paula third, Emily and Stephanie both did awesome! And prego Krisiti cheering us all on :).  Kym posted an awesome picture of Kym, Paula and I at the start of the race. Check out her blog!

Here are some pics!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Back to racing!

There is nothing better than racing less than an hour away from home.  Last week we raced in Winder Georgia, what a fun course. It is rolling hills with some tight turns and technical down hill called Monster Mile.  Plus it is a half hour from home, so I know this course pretty well.

The race started off fairly well, no one was in the mood to gun it from the start. Which I personally like, that way I don't bonk half way through the first lap.  Somehow I was at the front, until I heard someone bombing down Monster Mile. Luckily it was Kym! I stuck to her wheel and we had a great race together. Here is Kym and I finishing the race!  

Our teammate Paula is amazing! She raced and won the Cohutta 65 (miles) the day before the Winder race and then came out and got fourth in the Winder race. Awesome!

Monday, April 2, 2012


The biggest race of the year is Tsali for me and it is always the first. Usually, I am out of shape and not ready to race. Last year I broke my chain about 5 miles in and hiked out. Not this year... Instead I made the painful trek for thirty miles. I felt good for about the first 12, then it was a long race.

Lucky for me I had a good start and was about 5th or 6th in the trail, then it was just about trying to hang on to the rider in front of me. Some how I ended up in third place (and won the expert field), I was worried I was not going to be able to hold on after I cracked. Anyways, it was a great race and a great start to the season. My teammates of course did awesome too! We had an awesome weekend.

I also won the time trial the day before. Kym had bad luck on the trail and got a flat, so she helped me finish strong in my race.

I wish every weekend could be like this one. It was awesome. I would like a repeat :).

This is me finishing my race!! I have never been so happy to be finished!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Year!

Last year ended fast for me. I finished my season with Fontana with high hopes of fixing my back. I have a bulging disc in my lower back which didn't hurt with day-to-day activities. However, when I raced my leg went numb from and half my body was in a lot of pain. So I spent my Fall at physical therapy and winter working on fixing my back.

My back isn't fixed but it is getting there so I am in positive spirits. Reid and I finished the Snake Gap series again this year. I beat my time from last year by 17 minutes! I was the first 30 and under woman and had the fastest total race time for all three races!

The time change starts today! I am sad to lose an hour but excited to start the weekday rides. I love spring time. I love the smell of sweat, suntan lotion and grilled hamburgers! All great things. Talking about grilled hamburgers brings me to our awesome sponsor US Stove Company, who helped us have an awesome season last year. They represent great products, they are great company, and sponsored an awesome ladies mountain bike team.

I hope this year is as great as last year. I am looking forward to racing hard and having fun!